Women’s Spiritual Mentorship

Expanding your awareness and spiritual healing is not always comfortable or easy (speaking from personal experience here— I’ve been there), but it is worth the effort put in and is rewarded by the universe-- just like all hard work! Some days you'll be in total bliss unlike anything you’ve ever felt, and other days you might feel the uncomfortable growing pains of expansion. I offer Spiritual Mentorship to women seeking to completely transform their lives, as well as those who are simply wanting to dive deeper into their spirituality, healing blocks, embody the sensual goddess within, and develop practices that will aid in deeper connection with their true, radiant, creative, fierce self-- all while functioning in a modern world that is so easy to subconsciously surrender to.

As Yogi Bhajan says, "Creation is ready to serve you, if you just be you." Remember, you are infinite magic, you just need to free yourself from the fog the limiting mindset to see it!

Who's this for?

I work with clients who are ready for spiritual growth and to push their edges! I fully show up, guiding you, supporting you, and holding a tight container for your expansion. I only take on clients ready to show up FULLY and allow their inner healer to come through. There is a certain level of commitment and bravery that comes with the decision of growth and transformation. Some sessions might feel like rainbows and butterflies tralala, and others might challenge old beliefs, rocking your reality and bad habits. It is a process. You have to be OK with the flow in which it takes you. Get ready to explore yourself, tap into the person who is going to heal you, YOU, and live in your fullest expression.


We spend the first session discussion what is going on in your life, where you are, and where you want to be. As a psychic medium, I use various tools, healing modalities, and teachings, sometimes with the influence of my guides and other spirits to support you in your process. If you feel inspired to work together after a consultation, I create a program to fit your needs, and send you a proposal. I ask that clients participle in a minimum of 3 months working together in order to measure actual progress and change.

What It Includes

Weekly video calls that will blend strategy, mindset reprogramming, energy work, and intuitive mentoring to get you where you’re going.

  • Business and personal strategy to implement in-between sessions

  • Personalized meditations, intuitive energy readings on blocks and strengths.

  • E-mail support in between for guidance, feedback, and celebratory shares

Schedule a Discovery Call Here to if it’s a good fit!

1:1 Kundalini Yoga + Meditaton

You do not have to be physically fit to benefit from this yoga. Kundalini Yoga is known at the "yoga of awareness." It is expanding in the sense that it expedites spiritual growth and healing through the power of your own breath (pranayama), mantra, sacred sound, and so much more. We talk about what it is you're working on personally and I will then put together a Kriya (set of exercises) and Meditation that you can use as a tool to support your needs. And of course, there will be a Venus gong sound bath in-between the set if in person. Whether it is manifesting, clearing the chakras, grounding after big change, developing intuition, or working on addiction... there is a way through every block!

Benefits include:

  • Clearing of Subconscious Block Patterns

  • Development of the Intuitive Mind

  • Burning off Karma

  • Manifestation

  • Awakened Awareness

  • Strengthening the Nervous System

  • Developing the Neutral Mind

  • Clearing and Protecting the Auric Field

  • Balancing of the Chakras

  • Purify Blood and Respiratory System

  • Increased Mental Focus and Clarity

  • Strengthening of the Immune System

  • Experienced Depth of the Soul

  • Community and Connection

  • Deep Relaxation

Inquire for rates. 

Private Classes + Events

I am available to teach Kundalini Yoga + Mediation for private classes and events, as well as speaking engagements related to Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, Plant Medicines & Psychedelics, and Consciousness. When humans gather in groups with the intention of expanding, we are actively helping one another through group consciousness.  Our individual auras merge, communication is enhanced, and we become more balanced. Seriously... how cool is that?

Inquire for rates. 

Brand Collaborations + Partnerships

Hippie Supply is about empowering others to live a life in balance with self and their surroundings through a conscious lifestyle. This includes the products that we invite into our lives. 

If you are a brand or company that is looking to collaborate through my social media channels, send me an email at hippiesupply@gmail.com. Keep in mind, I am intentional about promoting brands and businesses that are operating with integrity, so please tell me a little about yourself. I look forward to getting to know you and your business. 

This Offering includes:

  • Content Creation (Styling, Photography, Video)

  • Cross Promotion

  • Instagram Stories

  • Reviews

  • Blog Posts

  • Giveaways/Contests

  • Workshops

  • Events